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GiftPay PrestaShop Plugin

Installation via PrestaShop Admin
If you have an existing site and want to install PrestaShop, using the PrestaShop Admin is the most straightforward option as it handles everything for you.
Installation via PrestaShop Admin
To install PrestaShop:
Go to modules
Select or drop our zip file
Click to "CONFIGURE"
1. Copy webhook url
2. Go to your Business Account
Go to Details
1. Paste copied URL
2. Click to "Save changes"
3. Copy Merchant's code and Secret token
1. Paste Merchant's code and Secret token
2. Save changes
If you want to test payment use Sandbox Mode
1. Enable sandbox mode
2. Paste your sandbox business Merchant's code and Secret token
3. Save changes
Order Statuses
1. Waiting for full payment
2. Payment accepted
3. Waiting for full payment
Transactions are in order's payment section
Transaction id types
1. With sandbox mode enabled
2. With sandbox mode disabled