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GiftPay Sandbox

In the GiftPay Sandbox, users can test almost all of GiftPay’s features without having to use real money.
To start, create a sandbox user and add a business account to test our API on your website.
Next, create sandbox gift cards with custom balances to either test the “load balance” or “pay other user” features.
You can also test crypto payments by creating Sandbox coins. These can be used to load balance or send payments as well.
You can’t withdraw funds from the Sandbox environment. You can submit a withdrawal and it will simulate a real withdrawal process by providing fake details of a withdrawal.
Real phone numbers and emails can’t be added to the sandbox. The system will automatically provide fake emails and phone numbers, which you can use to Request and Send Payments.
Sandbox is available only on Web. Mobile apps do not support sandbox at this moment. The functionality is identical.

Sandbox Users

1. Go to Settings -> Sandbox -> Sandbox Users on your main account.
2. Here you can create your unique Sandbox user.
3. Click on Add user and enter desired username.
4. Login as a Sandbox User by clicking on Login or send the login URL to someone else by clicking the Copy Link.

Sandbox Gift Cards

Go to Settings -> Sandbox -> Sandbox Gift Cards on your main account.
Click on Create Gift Card, enter desired amount and click on Add.
Use provided Card Number to load balance or pay sandbox user or sandbox business.
Sandbox cards will be processed immediately and be marked as transaction completed in 30 mins of processing time.
You can simulate friendly fraud card by clicking on Set bad card within the 30 minute processing time. This will cancel the payment or deposit as if the user has spent the gift card.

Sandbox Coin

If you choose to load balance or pay with Crypto in Sandbox, you have Sandbox Coin as an option.
The system will generate a Wallet address, where you can send payments from your Sandbox Coin section.
Go to Settings -> Sandbox -> Sandbox Coin on your main account.
Click on Create Transaction, enter the provided Wallet address, desired amount, and click on Send.
This will simulate a real Crypto transaction, all the payments and transactions are final.

Testing GiftPay for Business

Login as a Sandbox User and follow all the instructions that are described in API Documentation for Business accounts here.